Men’s Style

I love everything about style. When you nail your look you exude confidence and class. From that timeless, classy dapper vibe to trendy street style, I love looking „put together“.

Styling yourself is more than just window shopping or making mental notes of what catches your eye in magazines and in public. Now we have so many tools to find inspiration from Pinterest to Insatagram and popular fashion / style blogs, we have the latest trends and looks right at our fingertips.

What I find most important about style is quality and comfort. Not every style is made for every man, but when you find yours it’s important to be comfortable and buy quality so the look will last you for years to come.

My overall look is pretty important to me. It has nothing to do with vanity, but more to do with self expression and showing the world the best me that I can. A well put together man makes a lasting impression. Whether if it’s for a new business engagement, a job interview, date night, or just being around friends and family. You should always try to look your best.

I’m always looking for the latest trend in fashion however, but I by no means love every trend. I piece together the things which speak to me the most and create a unique style of my own.

Here you will find my posts on my favorite looks, the function of versatility and special occasions. Happy styling and feel free to ask me questions any time!