Beard Styles

Whether you’re just starting your beard journey or already a bearded man, there’s a science to growing those man furs. Growing a beard, beard styles, how to trim a beard and facial hair in general has become something of an art.

Growing a Beard & Beard Styles

A healthy beard comes from regular maintenance, good diet and good products, but it is certainly a journey, one which can last a lifetime for some. There’s many phases of growth when you’re growing a beard, and each one visits new challenges. I am always getting messages to my Instagram about these things, which is why I think it’s important to write about. I want to share my first hand experiences with growing a beard and beard styles, so you can nail your look.

Here you’ll find my tips on growing a beard, different beard styles, how to trim a beard, my favorite men’s care products and even (dare I say it) how to shave it all off (yes it happens to the best of us). If you’re looking for ways to keep that ice cream cone or birthday cake off your furry man hairs well, I can’t help much there. It’s part of the life, embrace it.

With varying beard styles comes a few questions, and I’m happy to help. Whether it’s beard styles or what products to use, I know a thing or two about the struggle. Bearded brothers, fear not, you’re in good hands, and whatever you do, don’t shave!