Eyup here, being bearded is a timeless lifestyle. With the help of social media, it has become a male fashion trend which has spawned a wave of street fashion, gentleman style and rustic fashion trends. And this men’s style is here to stay. That’s why I created The Beard Effect. 

The Beard Effect is your online destination for travel, travel tips, hotel reviews, men’s lifestyle and men’s style, street fashion, fashion tips, beard styles and beard care all inspired by the bearded and the bearded to be.

About Eyup Bolatli

I’m a fashion & beard model, actor, stunt performer, Taekwondo black belt and equestrian based in Cologne, Germany (but truly a citizen of the world).


When I’m not training, at tournaments or photo shoots, you can find me at the ranch taking care of my beautiful horse. It’s not unlikely for me to go from a three-piece suite to boots and jeans in the same day. When it comes to style and travel, I’m ready for anything.

About My Style

I love style. My style is pretty versatile. From timeless, classic dapper to trendy street style, or maybe even a little rustic, I’m always looking for a good look to match comfort.

My attire is pretty important to me. I find it’s a way to exude my personality, and express myself to the world. I’m always looking for the latest trend in fashion however, I don’t love every trend. I take the pieces which speak to me the most and create a unique style of my own.

Being Bearded Means Being Epic

A man without a beard is like a lion without a mane.“

In my opinion, a beard exudes masculinity. My beard, while obviously a part of me, has become an extension of my personality. It in some way defines my character. You have to admit, a man with a beard is pretty epic. Not to mention, between you and me, shaving every day is just inconvenient. So it’s a win, win! I say, beard on brother!

We were meant to have beards. I am here to help you on your epic beard journey. It does not matter if your grow your beard short or long. What matters is that you express your strength and masculinity the best way that suits you.

My Travel Style

Call me silly but I always loved flying. The excitement of knowing I would soon be in a new place has always driven me to want to travel more and more. The world is diverse with so much to explore. From natural attractions to city breaks, I want to see the extraordinary things in life. The world is pretty impressive and it inspires.

I love exploring different cultures and learning new traditions. I think it’s important to connect with new people and to understand their world.

And the food! I love food. Be it Indian, Arabic or Thai, when I travel I feel a freedom to switch off from the grind, have fun and enjoy every moment.

What Inspires Me

I have and continue to be inspired by many things – from special people, my family and friends, even through my work and riding. Traveling to different countries of course always gives me new inspiration as does new possibilities in color and fashion.

What’s most important to me though, is that I inspire you, for inspiration is a spectacular gift and can spawn many great things.

I created this site to share my lifestyle, grooming tips, styled looks, travel guides, travel tips and favorite products with others. I hope you find some inspiration in my posts, and please always feel free to contact me!

Don’t Shave,

Eyup 😉