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Hello dear friends,

for a bearded guy the focus is not just on the hair care but also on the skin care and purity. Especially these hot summer days gives a stressed skin. For that I will introduce you with the ‚Banish starter kit‘. Step by step I will show you how to use the Banish products for your face.

First of all you mix the ‚Activated Charcoal clay masque‘ with some water and put it on with a brush. After 15 minutes let it be absorbed, it cleans the pores including blackheads. Than you can wash it off.

After that I like to use the ‚Pumpkin Enzyme Masque‘. I advise you to use it 2-3 times the week. It’s just the right product against acne. After 12 -15 minutes it may sting the skin a bit. But don’t panic 🙂  just wash it with lukewarm water.

After all these masks, I use the ‚Banisher‘. It looks like a rolling pin, but it isn’t 😉 Just roll it along the face with a little pressure. Already after 2-3 minutes over the cheeks-, forhead-, nosesurface, the skin is cooling down and the pores are recovering.

After the ‚Banisher‘ I start to use the roll Banisher. This one opens the pores to make it easier for them to breathe. For the right execution you have to lead the roll Banisher along your cheek, forehead, and your nose. Two minutes are completly enough for the procedure. But pay attention to use very light pressure.

For specific skin surfaces I make use of the ‚pen Banisher‘. This one is targeted to prevent acne and pimples. You just have to put the pen with a light pressure on the specific surface. And this leads to open the pimples and avoid them.

Finally I use 2-3 drops from the ‚Banish Vitamine C serum‘. Rubbing the hands together and put it on. The oil is made out of natural elements. More details about the ingredients you can read on the webside.

At the end I spray ‚Vitamine C Beauty Elexier‘ on my face. That makes the skin fresh again 🙂

It does not depend on the order of these steps. It’s more important to use these steps often in the week to achieve an apparent results.

Check my Instagram eyup_bolatli for the tutorial 😉

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