My Favorite Beard Products – Balm, Wash, Oil and Mustache Wax

If you have a beard, you need to maintain it. There are three main beard products you must use to take care of your beard. After trying many products, I came up with three of my favorites. Of course it’s best for you to try them yourself because only you know what’s best for your beard.

My Favorite Beard Products


Brooklyn Soap Company Beardwash

All beard guys need beard wash. This is the first and most important step to maintain your beard. If you’re wondering about using regular shampoo for your beard, theoretically you could but that I don’t advise it. Hair shampoo will dry your beard out even more than it already is while beard wash is very gentle to the skin. Beard wash has key ingredients in the shampoo which cleanses without drying out the beard. It is especially great for men who have dry sensitive skin. My beard wash choice is the Brooklyn Soap Company.


Using lukewarm water (or just in the shower) apply a few drops of Beardwash,, beardwash working the lather into your beard. I wash my beard whenever I shower or when I want to style my beard. You can use beard wash as often as you like. Beardwash moisturizes, makes the beard supple and soft and reduces itching.


Mr. Bear Family Beardbalm

Well, you’ve joined the beard club and now you’re beard is bad ass enough to require daily styling. The best way to get a tamed and dapper beard is to use a daily beard balm. One of my favorite beard products is the Bear Family line. Their products are natural, soft, and smell amazing.In particular, I found that Bear Family’s  beard balm, “Wilderness” stands out for its killer scent and smoothing properties. “Wilderness” uses ingredients like argon oil, shea butter, and bees-wax (the stuff that your girlfriend is  always trying to get you to use). Not to mention, these trendy oils leave your beard feeling soft and touchable without the sticky residue. The “Wilderness” balm scent is light, fresh and subtle and always easy to apply.



I grab a small amount from the tin and rub it between my palms so it goes on evenly. I then put it on my beard and run the balm through it with my fingers. Once it is applied, it is easy to style into place. I suggest using a small beard comb to achieve your desired style. Use as much or as little you need to style your length of beard.

If you make the mistake of putting in too much or messing up the style, don’t worry, it’s just as easy to rinse out. All you need is a little soap and water to completely remove the product and start again. “Wilderness” is a top pick for beard balms and it works on all hair types. It’s relatively well priced and it keeps your beard styled while reducing redness and preventing skin irritation. Wilderness is a great pick for the modern bearded man.


Capt. Fawcett’s Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax is a MUST for a beard guy who wants to bring his epic mustache in shape. Your mustache can have a mind of its own. If you don’t mold it, you may miss out on growing it into a nice shape. It’s best to mold it with mustache wax to train it the way you want it.

I have for some time used the Mustache Wax by CAPT.FAWCETT’S and have never regretted it.


Moustache wax is very hard and strong and usually consists of vegetable oil, coconut oil, beeswax or shea butter. Before using it, the beard should be washed and dry.

Using a small amount of mustache wax is sufficient to keep form throughout the day. Use a small amount between your fingers (thumb and forefinger), rubs his together so long until the wax is warm and slightly greasy. Blend into mustache to form. After a short time the mustache wax will be noticeably harder.

This will keep the form of your mustache all day so long as you don’t wash it. The jar from Capt. Fawcett’s Mustache Wax (15ml) lasts a long time.


Gold’s Germany Beard Oil

One of my absolute favorite things about their beard oil is the way it smells. It’s light enough to not be overpowering but fragrant enough for (cough) the ladies. This is because it’s infused with four different enriching oils that not only smell legit AF but keep your skin from itching by replenishing your skin. And did I mention the ladies love the shine?


Gently towel dry your beard by dabbing it to get the excess water off, leave damp. Using 3-5 drops for a three-day beard and 5-10 drops for a longer beard, rub in hands to slightly warm and evenly distribute through your beard.


Taking care of your beard and mustache is very important. beard products are a must in maintaining a well-kept look. Good luck and beard on.

What’s your favorite beard products?

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