Fashion Trends 11 Must Haves for the Dapper Gentleman Style

Gentleman Style Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go but the gentleman style is timeless. While the formal side of this style for men has remained pretty much the same, there are elements which have been brought into a more casual men style, making this one of my favorite fashion trends.

Many things must be taken into account when looking at fashion. Functionality, comfort and expression are always foremost on my list. To pull this style off both for formal attire and for casual and to get that modern yet classic style for men, here are a few fashion tips on what you’ll need in your closet.

Fashion Trends – What to Keep in Your Closet for the Dapper Gentleman Style

Choosing the Right Clothing is First


A suit should always exist in a man’s closet. It’s a gentleman style must have because it is the most basic form of formal style for men. Whether you like black, grey or navy it doesn’t matter, what’s important is the details you combine with this timeless men’s style. Of course a suit if good for business and formal events.


One of the clearest ways to scream the gentleman style is by wearing a waistcoat. A Waistcoat serves to complement your suit but can be worn alone with your white button down for a more casual in-office look. It exudes „success“ and is one of my favorite gentleman pieces.

Fashion tip: Wear it with a textured and colored blazer like maroon corduroy for a rustic look.


Button Down White Shirt

A definite must have for any men style or fashion trend is a white button down shirt. It can be worn with any suit, with denim and with your blazer for a classic style.

Unlike the plain T-shirt the button down gives more of a classic men style. Of course you can always go for the colorful, patterned shirt. Combine it with a dark suit for a more modern and creative look.

Trench Coat

Do not forget the Trench Coat . It is not only suitable for the cooler weather but also looks classy and luxurious. There is a fine line between fashion trends and gaudy. Don’t be gaudy. Optimally , the black, dark blue, dark gray and beige are the best choices for the gentleman style. Depending on the outfit you can also pull off a trench coat in maroon or dark green.

Go Casual


Apart from the formal suit, to maintain that dapper men style you need to have a few blazers. A blazer will be more casual, but still very appropriate for nice evenings out, business and events. It goes perfectly with the gentleman style and can be modernized by different colors than a traditional suit like dark green, blue or maroon.

A blazer will give your men’s style a fresh look, it’s comfortable and can be worn with a v-neck if you want to get even more casual as the day goes on.

Fashion tip: Make sure the blazer’s shoulders sit perfectly on the arms for the best look.

Dark Denim Jeans

You can never go wrong with a pair of dark denim jeans. They go with just about everything. Wear your dark jeans with your blazer, shirt, belt and the right shows and you are working one of the biggest and longest fashion trends to man. It’s chill, professional and has you ready for just about anything.

Fashion tip: Go for the slim fit. Skinny jeans don’t work for every body type.

Accessories are Very Important


Whatever you do, don’t forget the tie! For decades the tie has been a sign of formality and elegance . It is an accessory that every gentleman style must have no matter what. It goes well with everything I’ve already mentioned and may very well be one of the longest lasting fashion trends ever.

Leather Belt

In my opinion a belt is not always necessary but always nice. It is a piece that adds a bit of flair to a look and certainly functionality to any style. It can be formal or casual. To wear the best belt for the gentleman style you must follow these basic rules:


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Black and brown tones should not pop out unless you want to create a clear contrast (like black belt on white). The buckle should not be too big, it should be small and streamlined, no wider than the width of your belt. You can even customize each mach style. And remember the fabric of the belt should match your shoes and bag.

Bag (Not Just for Women)

If you haven’t already gotten the memo, bags are not just for women. They serve as a modern useful accessory to men’s style. They offer plenty of space for important documents, laptop and other important things. The bag also adds to the overall impact of the style and it s perfect business style.

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Fashion tip: Consider the color to your shoes and belt. Be sure it matches for a perfect sleek look.


A watch is a small yet powerful detail and should never be overlooked. A man’s timepiece says a lot about him. When you pair the right watch with your look it goes great lengths.


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Choose a watch that suits your taste be that gold, silver, leather or black. For the dapper gentleman style I would pass on the bright colors. You want something more classic. Plus classic is far more versatile than modern.


Finally the shoes are very important to all men’s style. I’m usually drawn to the more classic (yet modern) leather shoes. You don’t want anything too sharp or angles. You should have a slight rounding in the toe. The low shoe is ideal for a professional look while a low boot can go with anything.


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Shades of brown from light to dark are all good choices. The shoes you’re in are very important to the overall look and should be clean.

The dapper men’s style is one of my favorite fashion trends. It’s timeless and guaranteed to always be a stunning for both business and casual affairs. Of course when you rock this look with a beard, get ready to turn some heads. Growing a beard? Check out my post on How to Grow a Beard.

Questions? Ask me in the comments below and beard on brothers!


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